Chrysalis – Brendan Reichs

Chrysalis - Brendan Reichs (book cover)


By: Brendan Reichs

Book #3 in Project Nemesis Series

Content Warnings: Violence, blood, death, language

Book Review

Just like the previous installments, Chrysalis starts with disaster. This is one of those stories where happenings make the characters question their reality and everything they’ve been told.

The only thing the teens of Fire Lake know for sure is they can’t undo the steep casualties suffered. Survival becomes increasingly difficult and morale plummets. Eventually the group fractures in the face of tragedy until its splits into several small units. This is indeed a book for readers who like constant action and harrowing ordeals to give them that adrenaline rush without the actual danger! It still might break your heart though, as it did mine.

Yet Chrysalis is a detective story as much as it is a tale of survival. It’s only when the teens find the remnants of ill intent that they realize something’s amiss. Unlikely teams form to sniff out the perpetrators, which makes for some interesting dynamics and sometimes awkwardly hilarious interactions. Characters like Tack and Noah have matured considerably, while others are more dynamic than before. I think Reichs really excels at balancing character development with non-stop action and plot devices.

This series is difficult to write a review for because its centered around highly guarded secrets and mind-boggling plot twists. Just when you think you have a grip on what’s happening, it turns to be about something else entirely. I enjoyed this story more than anticipated, and broken heart aside, am certainly glad to have come out of this adventure in one piece! I think anyone who reads this story deserves a badge for that!

More Musings & Magic

Have you ever read a story during which a plot reveal becomes a total game changer for the characters? What do you think of those kinds of events?

Please keep the magic alive and share your comments below!


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